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RSD, Chronic Pain and Firomyalgia
RSD - (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) is a
disease of the nervous system that is unknown
to most people despite the utter devastation
it can cause to its unfortunate victims. This
disease can cause a simple injury or sprain to
result in a lifetime sentence of endless suffer-
ing and unrelenting pain. There is a very short
period of time after the onset of RSD symptons
that treatment can be successful. Once this
time period has passed, the successful treatment
of RSD becomes unlikely. RSD is known as "The
Pain That Doesn't Stop."

Myofascia is a thin, almost translucent film
that wraps around muscle tissue. It is the
tissue that holds the other parts together.
For people with FMS (Fibromyalgia) and/or
myofascial pain syndrom - tightening and
thickening occurs. When myofascia tissues
thicken and lose their elasticity, the
neurotransmitter ability to send and receive
messages between the mind and body is dam-
aged. Trigger points (TrPs) are found as
extremely sore points in ropey bands all
throughout the body. Also as painful lumps.
TrPs can be in myofascia, skin, ligaments,
bone lining and tissues. Myofascila TrPs
can entrap the blood, nerves, and lymph
vessels that cause a great variety of
symptons that confuse the doctors and
patients alike.

This Page is Under Construction -

What you see here, is what I have learned
about FMS and RSD, since my wife's accident.
There is not one day in Marilyn's life that
she is not in pain. Somedays, she can hardly
move, and other days the pain is tolerable.
I have learned that when she was at her worse
thay our entire family was sick too. We could
do nothing to help her, except to love her.
It would never have surprised me to have come
home and found her gone. She lost so much,
a career she loved, the people she loved and
worked with that she considered her 2nd family,
she thought she was losing her mind, as no one
could have pain all throughout their body, and
not know why! The countless doctors would
tell her it would go away, or she would have to
live with it - but no one could or would tell
her how. Then she went though a Pain Clinic
at Shealy Institute in Springfield. It was
there she learned that there indeed was a
reason for the Pain that wouldn't go away.
She was fortunately Blessed with having the
priviledge to meet Dr. Nathan, who had over
30 years experience working with people who
were in pain. This man had helped to give
her back a quality of life, and helped to
restore her spirit and zest for life. She
had always been a go getter, but they did
everthing they could to break her spirit -
luckily they trained her well where she
spent from 1979-1998 - that was what keep
her going. Her strong faith in God and
knowing that they were wrong. Yes Today,
she may not be able to do all the things
she use to, she may not be able to walk
around or travel in a vehicle for a long
time, or even stand much etc, but she
has found a Doctor she trusts and believes
in. If you know anyone who is in pain,
please listen to them. and encourage them
not to give up - or to have unneccessary
surgery - its not always the answer.
Help them find a Doctor that deals with
Pain - it does not just go away!!!!!!

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National Chronic Pain Outreach Association, Inc.
301-652-4948 or 540-997-5004



Favorite Quotes

"God Helps Those Who Help Themselves"

The most I can do for my friend is simply be his friend.
-Henry David Thoreau

Use Lycos Search to find our more about
RSD, Sympthetic Pain, FMS etc. If you
just type in each word above - you'll
be amazed to see all the resources on
The Pain that never goes away - that
my wife lives with daily!

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In Jesus name - My wife is Healed!

"Healing comes from within" and my wife
has a very strong Faith in God and refuses
to let Satan interfere with her healing or
her Faith. Any illness or injury affects
the body, mind and spirit.

This Page is still Under Construction!