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Ozarks Voyage
Beliefs and Opinions



Here's what I think...

We Need God Back In Schools and Public Places!

I believe we need to put "Prayer" back into
our schools, Public Places and Meetings!

If anyone is offended then they do not have
to listen or take part in it. When I went
to school, we said "The Pledge of Allegiance"
and a Prayer every morning. It seems to me
that the only people who seem to be offended
are the type of people, none of us care to
associate with anyway! Its so sad that we
are being denied our rights to please just a
few. I recall a time, when my youngest son
wore a T-Shirt to school that made him be
sent to the office for. Was it offensive?
Not in my eyes. What it said was:
"Heaven Or Hell? Your Choice!" I had told
my son he could wear it, and to have the
school call me if they had a problem with it.
And they did! He had gotten the Tshirt at
a Church Play he was in. They let him wear
it the rest of the day, but I guess the Real
Truth Hurt, or they couldn't decided where
they wanted to spend Eternity!

We are now "reaping what we sowed!" It was
our generation that allowed the Nudity, the
pornography, the fine that doesn't fit the
crime, the disrespect of young adults, the
sexual and domestic abuse, etc. etc, ect!!
And, now we are trying to fix it! People
need to open it their eyes - It all begins
at home. Respect is earned - not readily
given. Children are taught by example -
not by "Do As I Say!" All of us need to
Practice "The Golden Rule" and do unto
others, as you would have them do to you.
We need to Love our neighbors, as ourselves.
Lend a Helping Hand, and Be A Friend to
those in Need. Get Involved in Community
Affairs, Volunteer. Do whatever we can to
help Put God and Prayer Back into our world

How I feel about Tithing!

I think Everyone Should Tithe!

The first 10% of all our Gross Earnings belong
to God. It should be given to the church of
which you are a member or that you attend.
Anything above that - is a Gift to God and to
Jesus. I feel that it is my duty as a
Christian to Tithe! If the tithes I have
given are misused - then those who misuse
them will be held accountable by God, not me
because I have done what God expects of me.
Since my wife and I have tithed, we have
been Blessed in so many ways. Like so many
folks, we didn't think we could afford to -
but once we started, and really understood
that all we had, really was God's anyway -
we became committed to do so, and we have
never regretted it, and God has Blessed us!

Hehehehehehe! We done fixed the problem
of "Unavailable and Anonoymous Calls on
our Caller ID." Our Answering Machine
says, if thats what the caller ID says-
then we may or may not be available too.
Got tired of all them useless soliciting
calls, and fixed it! :)

My Opinions on Current Events

In this column, I'll write some of my opinions on current events. I'll date my entries and update this page frequently, whenever I feel moved to write.

I think Everyone in the World is entitled to go to
the Physician of their Choice - Not That of some
paper - based Company where they may work -
that may require them to see the Doctors that
some employer's Insurance company decides!!!
And, I think that NO Company should be allowed
to Own, Operate or to Manage Have Their Own
Workmans Comp Insurance Division! All Workmans
Comp should be Managed by the State in Which
they Live!!! No one should have to wait weeks
for some company to tell them, they can or
cannot go to a Doctor! Some Doctors might even
notice the patient is ill.....if they would do
a complete exam, and have the patient disrobe!
Its kind of hard to see through clothes, unless
you have X-Ray Vision! :)

Todays Date! 01-30-01

I Believe That God Has a Good Sense of Humor!

Want to know what kind of a day you are having?
Look in the mirror - see which way the curve of
your mouth is.

I think I have a pretty good sense of humor-
I answer the telephone many times bye saying"
"Murphy's Mule Barn - How many mules ya want
today?" I get lots of chuckles and some
hangups too. Ha! Ha! We don't answer the
phone, if it says "Unavailable" for the name-
if ya don't want me to know who you are, then
I reckon I don't need to answer, unless you
want to pay my phone bill. :)

Speaking of telephones - I finally got caught
playing a trick on my wife. At times, when
she would be reading something to me, or if I
just wanted to get her goat....I'd call her on
the cell phone, and it really riles her to go
to answer the phone, and no one on the other
end. She caught me the other day, with the
phone still up at my ear. I grinned at her
liked a little kid who just got caught taking
cookies out of the cookie jar....so I guess I
will have to find me a new joke to play on her.

I recall another time, when Anthony was sitting
at the table with Marilyn, trying to get her to
take him some place. As she did her paperwork,
she told him they'd go when she was done. Then
the telephone rang, and that really upset him
as mom would take longer. As she talked on the
phone, he kept telling her with a scissors in
his hand "I'll cut you off!" After a while, he
clicked the scissors and literally cut the line!
Marilyn sat there with a receiver and short cord
hanging. Don't know who was more surprised -
mom or Anthony. Marilyn said she felt like a
fool having to call the person she was talking to
especially since the only other phone in the
house was a little phone shaped as a corvette.
Needless to say, that boy bought us a new phone.

Do you agree or disagree with my beliefs and opinions? I'd love to hear from you. Check out my "Contact Me" page to send me e-mail.