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Ozarks Voyage
From Marilyn's Heart


Click Here to Listen To the Song - "Because He Lives, I Can Face Tomorrow"


Hello, My name is Marilyn and I am David's Wife. I'd like to dedicate this page to My Friends.
We go through life meeting many people, and while most are just aquaintances, there are a
"chosen few" who you hold close to your heart. To me, these people are chosen by God.
Because He knows even before you do, what an impact they will have on your life. Its the
little things they do, whether it be just to lend an ear and listen by sitting down to talk with
you, giving you a hug, sending you a card, or a little gift, or just calling to say "Hi" etc.
The gift of their time, kindness and their thoughts, makes you feel so special. You feel their
love in good times and in bad, and you know in your heart, its their way of saying .....
"I Believe in You."
Let me have the courage to believe in myself. Not only
on the days when I am doing great, and nothing seems
impossible. But also on the days, when the world looks
lonely and I'm losing, and the road ahead seems too hard.
When I wonder if I'm brave enough, smart enough, strong
enough and I must be crazy to try! Don't let me quit;
let me have the courage to believe in myself. No matter
how many people discourage me, doubt me, laugh at me,
warn me - or think me a fool! Don't let me listen!
Let me hear another voice saying: "You can do it" and
"You Will!" Even If no one else in the world cares or
believes in me - Let me have the courage to believe in
myself! " Because He Lives - I Can Face Tomorrow! "

"Special Thanks to My Special People"
Sharon Mandel,Franci James,Gloria Scobee,
Barbara Stramel, Rose Peterson, Marcie
Gillock, Dr. Nathan and his staff and to
my Pastor - Dr. Mack Evans and my church
family at Central Christian Center, and
to my family. Thank You for believing in
me, and by helping me to get a "Quality
of Life Again."


I said a prayer for you today and I know
God must have heard. I felt the answer
in my heart, although He spoke no word.
I didn't ask for wealth or fame, I knew
you wouldn't mind. I asked Him to send
you treasures of a far more lasting kind.

I asked that He's be near you at the start
of each new day, to grant you health and
blessings, and friends to share your way.

I asked for happiness for you in all things
great and small, but it was for His loving
care, I prayed the most of all.
(Author Unknown)


I dedicate this poem to my husband David,
"Who is my very Best Friend."

One or the other must leave,
One or the other must stay.
One or the other must grieve,
That is forever the way.
That is the vow that was sworn,
Faithful 'til death do us part.
Braving what had to be borne,
Holding the ache in our heart.
One, however so adored,
First must be summoned away.
That is the will of the Lord -
One or the other must stay.
(Author Unknown)

" If Tomorrow Never Come s"