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Ozarks Voyage

Someday, Little Joe


Son, someday when you are older, enough to
understand, I want you to know about a truly
great man! This man you will on Earth never
meet. But at the "Eternal Gate it shall be
your treat. He was kind, he was good and to
all he understood. He would toil from morn'
til night with his hands, heart, soul and all
his might. He took the well being of others
first - even thought it might cause hurt.

His life was good, his life was rich - and yet
somehow it seems that his giving and sharing-
expecting nothing in return was so rewarding to
him, that it was his "fruit of life."

He stood by all, whether it be in time of need,
sorrow or joy. He knew how to love and he knew
how to cry. But most of all, He knew how to
die! And still, all who knew him, loved him,
and will forever carry memories of "Grandpa Joe."

Now My Son, if you understand - You'll be able to
walk in the "Footsteps of this Man!" You see My
Son, you were named after him. Somehow he knew
his work was done, and you would take his place.

He was so proud and concerned from the day you
were born til the day he died, never a day passed
that he didn't come to see you or stand at your
side. He only held you once, for he feared he
might drop or hurt you! Only a month after your
birth, he passed away and you took his place on
this "Big Earth!"

Now I share with you his words of wisdom -

"There is nothing low, wrong or degrading with
any job, or the way one lives, so long as it's
honest. If You have Peace with yourself......
You will always have Peace with your fellowman."

Son, be good -do good, be giving and forgiving.
Be kind and considerate. But most of all -

And when your times up and someone takes your
place - You'll meet this man after entering the
gate! He'll know You, and You him - Because
My Son, You'll say:
" Hello! Remember me? I'm Your Little Joe."
by Marilyn Bayless

**** Marilyn wrote this poem to our son Lonnie Joe
in memory of her grandfather, Joseph A. Bixby in 1970.

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