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Ozarks Voyage
Cowboy Jokes

Cowboy and His Horse

A cowboy rides into town, hitches
up his horse, and walks into a
saloon. He goes up to the bar,
orders a beer, drinks it & walks
out of the saloon. He walks back
in and says, "Somebody in here
has stolen my horse!" He gets a
bunch of strange looks and a few
shoulder shrugs from all the bar
patrons. Then cowboys hollars out,
"Hey, If my horse ain't back here
in five minutes, I'm just gonna
have to do what I did in back in
Dodge City!" A loud voice from
the back of the bar asks, "Well,
what did you do in Dodge City?"
The cowboy looks around the
room and then gives them all a
long stare and says. "I walked!"

A pastor at an old fronteir
church ended a very stirring
sermon with. "All those who
want to go to Heaven, put up
your hands!" Everyone there
enthusiactically raised their
hands! Everyone, except an
old grizzled looking cowboy,
slouching up against the wall
at the back of the church.
All heads turned as he slowly
sauntered up to the front, as
his spurs jingled. He said.
"Preacher, that was way too
easy. How'd ya know that all
these folks is serious? I can
gar-antee to prove to ya'all
who really means it, and who
don't!" Bemused and not the
least bit frightened, the
preacher said, " Ok Stranger,
you go ahead and put all the
faith of these good people to
the test. Ask them anything
you want!" Hearing that, the
ole cowboy pulled out his twin
six-shooters, turned to the
congregation and said.
"Alright....Who wants to go to
Heaven? Raise Your hands!"

The Cowboy At Church

One Sunday a cowboy went to a
church. When he entered, he saw
that he and the preacher were the
only ones present. The preacher
asked the cowboy if he wanted
him to go ahead and preach?

The cowboy thought for a jest
moment, then said. "I'm not
very smart, but if I went to
feed my cattle, and only one
showed up. I'd feed him."
So the preacher began his
sermon. One hour passed,
then 2 hours, then two and
a half hours til he finally
was finished. He came down
to ask the cowboy how he had
liked the sermon. So the
cowboy answered very slowly,
"Well, I'm not very smart,
but if I'd gone to feed my
cattle and only one showed
up, I just reckon that I
wouldn't feed him all the

Load of Hay

A minister was walking down a
country lane, when he sees a
young farmer struggling with
loading hay back on to a cart.
"You look hot Son" he said to
the young man. "Why don't you
rest for a moment, then I'll
give you a hand." The young
man said. "No thanks, I don't
think my father would want me
to do that." Yhe minister
said, "Oh don't be silly,
Everyone is entitled to have
a break! Come here and have
a drink of water." Again,
the young man politely said
his father wouldn't like it,
and would be upset! Losing
his patience, the minister
said, "Your father must be
a real slave driver! Tell
me where I can find him and
I'll give him a piece of my
mind!" He young farmer said
"well, He's under the load
of Hay!"

The Cowboys New Horse

A cowboy was trying to buy a
horse from a horse seller. The
seller says, "I guess theres a
little something you should know
about this horse. He'll stop
running when you say Amen, and
he starts running when you say
Praise The Lord!" The cowboy
said. "No Problem." and buys
the horse. He rides off on the
horse, and suddenly decides to
test the horse. So he says,
"Amen" and the horse stops in
the road, just like the man
said. He says, "Praise The
Lord" and the horse takes off
running like mad, with the man
holding on as hard as he could.
He yells, "Stop! Stop! Whoah,
and You stupid horse" though
nothing works! So the cowboy
began praying. "Dear God, Oh
Please let the horse stop!
Please God, Make him stop now.
Amen." The horse stopped right
at the edge of a cliff. With
great joy and enthusiasm, the
man screamed out, very loudly
"Praise The Lord!"

"Little Daisy"

A Rancher was reading his
Sunday paper,when suddenly
he was hit almost senseless
by his wife, who was standing
behind him with a big ole
frying pan! "What was that for?"
He asked. His wife yelled at
him, "Why do you have a slip
of paper in your shirt pocket
that says Little Daisy on it?"
"Oh Honey, Don't you remember
that I went to the Horse Races
a couple weeks ago? Little
Daisy was the name of one of
the horses I bet on!" He said.
A few days later, the Rancher
comes into the house, takes
off his boots and lies down
on the sofa and closes his
eyes. Once again he is hit
on the head. He says, "Now
what's that for this time?"
His wife answered as she
was leaving the room,
"Your horse called!"

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