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Ozarks Voyage
Proud to Be An American


" I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the
United States of America, and to the
Republic for which it stands, one nation
under God, indvisible, with liberty and
justice for all."

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I, David Bayless am proud to be an American.
I am glad that I live in a country that allows
me the freedom to worship at the church of my
choice, to work in a place of my choice, to be
able to live in the home and neighborhood of my
choice, to be able to freely go to any place I
so choose to go, to be able to say what I want
and to believe what I want to believe. I am
very thankful for all the Veterans and those
people who have died, in order to give me my
freedom. I also applaud all the men and women
serving in our Armed Forces today! I am also
thankful for all the members of Law Enforcement
throughout the United States, that protect and
serve our country every day. These folks do not
get the credit or recognition that they deserve,
by putting their lives on the line for each of
us daily! I also proud that my children can go
to any school, and go into any career of their
choosing. I know there are many things that are
not right in our country, but rather than to be
a part of the problems, find fault with things
and do nothing but complain - we citizens need
to be a part of the solution. by doing what we
can as individuals, within own communities to
fix what we can. Years ago, we did not have
the problems in society that we seem to have
today. Why is that? I feel its because we,
as citizens let go of our morals. our values,
and our standards. Perhaps, its because we
forgot "The Golden Rule" to love thy neighbor
as thy self. I think we have lost respect
for our Flag, and for what it stands for.
Shoot, years ago we all went to the parades
as familes. We took off our hats, and placed
our hands on our heart, and sang along to the
National Anthem. We learned the "Pledge of
Allegiance" to the flag in school and in all
public meetings. Instead of stopping saying
it, we should have bought ear plugs for those
folks who don't want to listen, or they could
have stood outside until we finished. Do I
care if their feelings or rights have been
violated - Not one bit! If they don't want
to live in a country that stands one nation
under God............then they need to pack
their bags, and hit the road. They can go
live elsewhere. My freedom and rights are
being violated by the those who want to make
their own rules and laws. Our forefathers
established the Constitution, and gave us
our freedoms. We need to Put God Back in
America Today! "GOD BLESS AMERICA"


Voting is the Duty of Every United States Citizen
over the age of 18. Voting should be done at
all elections, and it is a priviledge. If you
have not registered to vote - then you need to do
so immediately.

I personally am proud that I am a "Registered Voter."

The Election of 2000 that made history, should have
proved to everyone that lives in the United States,
the utmost importance of voting!

Like many citizens, I was appalled to see how many
different policies, procedures and ways different
states in casting their ballots. I feel that it
will be fixed by the next Presidental Election,
whereby all states will be consistant. Yep,It
sure does make me wonder about past elections
though! :) But then I reckon , we didn't know
it there were all those broken links in our chain,
until this past election!